Postgraduate Education

You can also inquire your curriculum schedule through the teachers’ personal service system of graduate school. The query path is the same as the recording path.

See the details of the undergraduates’curriculum schedule in the appendix.

IMG_256The fall semster schedule for the undergraduates of School of Arts 2018-2019. docx




The first   lesson 8:00-8:45
   The second lesson 8:50-9:35
   (Break time 15 min)

The third   lesson 9:50-10:35
   The fourth lesson 10:40-11:25
   The fifth lesson 11:30-12:15

   The first lesson 14:00-14:45
   The second lesson 14:50-15:35
   (Break time 15 min)
   The third lesson 15:50-16:35

The fourth   lesson 16:40-17:25
   The fifth lesson 17:30-18:15

   The first lesson 18:30-19:15
   The second lesson 19:20-20:05

The third   lesson 20:10-20:55