Arts Study is a large-scale academic journal of art theory published by Jiangsu fine arts publishing house and sponsored by the School of Arts of Southeast university, and it has been elected to CSSCI journal catalogue(the version 2017-2018)in 2017.

Arts Study focuses on the first-level of art theory and gives consideration to subjects like music and dance, drama and film, arts and design and so on, and emphasizing frontier, depth and uniqueness. The standing column includes academic frontier, art history exploration, art theory thinking, art custom pursuit, art criticism, art aesthetics, creative communication, art design, scholar notes, new book recommendation and so on, and which can encourage young scholars to publish academic papers.

Arts Study was founded in 2009, the title was written by Professer Daoyi Zhang. The editorial committee director is Professor Jiyao Ling and the chief editor is Professor Tinxin Wang. The editorial committee is composed of well-known scholars from all over the country. 

Arts Study is published every six months, respectively in June and December. Each issue of Arts Study has 300,000 words, and the full text is recorded by CNKI.By 2016, 16 issues have been published and which attracted extensive attention from the academic circles.