Famous Teachers Forum●The forthcoming lecture series of the Intelligence of Art

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Section one: Classic Thought and Art

Lecture One & Lecture Two: Aristotle and Greek Art

Lecture Three & Lecture Four: The Ideas and Critical modes of Xie He Six principles of Chinese painting


Speaker: Cao Yiqiang, Adjunct Professor at Southeast University, the Convener of the Sixth Academic Discipline Appraisal of the State Council of PRC, the Chief Editor ofNew ARTS.


Lecture One: Aristotle and Greek Art

Date: Late November,2018 (Time to be determined)

Venue: The third-floor Meeting Room of the School of Art



 About the Speaker

Cao Yiqiang, PhD at University Oxford, learned from the Professor Ernst H. Gombrich, Haskell and Baxandall. He is the Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities at the China Academy of Art, the PhD student Supervisor and the Chief Editor ofNew ARTS.He is also the Convener of the Sixth Art Academic Discipline Appraisal of the State Council of PRC and the Art and Design Sub-committee of the National Art Professional Master Degree Education Steering Committee, the Deputy Director of the Art Theory Graduate EducationCommittee of the Ministry of Education, the Executive Vice-president of Research Institute of China Arts Education, a member of the Art Theory committee of China Artists Association, the Standing Director of the China Oil Painting Assoication, the Session Chair of the 30th and 34th World Art History Conference. He is the member of the Editorial Board of the British prestigious journalArt Historyand the British academic journal World Art Research, the Senior Researcher at National Gallery of Art (Washington, USA), the Visiting Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, the Senior Researcher at the Clark Institute of Art, the Visiting Professor at the University of Michigan, the Consultant of the Ashmolian Museum, University of Oxford UK. He obtains the special allowances from the State Council.