Notice on participating in the centennial of the birth of the meinenqin school and the...... International Symposium on the inheritance of Guqin

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Teachers, postdocs, doctoral students, master's students: in view of the lack of art theory research in the field of music, in order to make up for the shortcomings of the academic research, the solemn commemoration of the birth of the Mei Anqin school 100th anniversary, our hospital ......
will be held in December 23rd at the multi function hall of the Guyuan guesthouse for a hundred years and the Guqin inheriting country. Academic symposium.
This meeting invited more than 30 well-known scholars and performers in the field of Guqin research and performance in the field of Guqin at home and abroad. It is a grand meeting in the field of Guqin. So please take an active part in listening to and enjoying the concert of Guqin. The arrangement of time and place is as follows: